The Oral Systemic Link – Gum Health and Diabetes

Periodontal disease is often referred to as the sixth long-term complication of diabetes People with diabetes are much more susceptible to periodontal disease and once it is established in a diabetic patient, then glycemic control is complicated from the constant supply of bacteria that sit at the bottom of gum pockets and produce chronic low grade inflammation throughout the body.

In addition to seeing your physician, regular visits to your dental hygienist is key to stabilizing gum infection. Different types of treatment may be recommended for patients who have active gum infection that is uncontrolled with regular cleanings and home care. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene on a daily basis is also important to reduce oral bacteria that causes gum infection, making it easier for your body to have good control over blood sugar levels.

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Best in Health,

Steven McConnell DDS and Staff


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